Father of three children, saxophonist, composer, musical instruments and game designer, researcher and I am a street performer.

I was born in 1972 in Budapest. Hegedültem ten years, then switched to saxophone at the age of seventeen. High School after a year and a half I spent in England, I started utcazenélni. In 1998 I graduated from ELTE Department of Biology as a research ecologist and evolutionary biologist. In 1999 I completed a year at the Department of LFZE jazz saxophone. Mihály Borbély, saxophone, music theory, and Fowler Ivántól and studied music composition.

Triómat Sarvar founded in 2001 Zsolt Kovacs (drums) and Balázs Horváth (bass), whose version of Multi Ávéd John (saxophone) and Marton Fenyvesi (guitar) is added. Plastic was established in 2005 Septetet Brezovcsik Gabor (classical guitar) jointly directed.I am a member of Ektárnak, and the Relational Ektarnak Blonde Quintet, which leader and composer, Szabolcs Szoke (gadulka, sarangi, array mbira) duo, Kalla and Nora (viola da gamba) is complemented by a trio playing. Szabolcs Szoke often proceed with the formation in northern Italy. Periodically or regularly play Gadó Gabor (guitar), Rozmán Louis (clarinet), Geröly Tamas (drums), Benko Robert (bass), Juhász Gábor (guitar), Szalai Peter (tabla, percussion), Augustine, Béla (saxophone, Adolphe Sax Konsort ), Tibor Eichinger (guitar), Laszlo Become (guitar, Kada Ad Libitum) and Davide Boatoval (trumpet). In my program on J. S.The first three of Bach’s own compositions and transcriptions csellószvitjének included. I drive more than twenty roles.

My interest gradually turned back towards the old and contemporary classical music, jazz in that direction are employed in most border areas. At the same time instrumental in my work, more and more emphasis on composition: I have developed a musical called the reticular system, which is a new approach to music theory, composition and improvisation techniques which may be used. Both are made strictly structured, mostly canonical works and improvisation based on a equally mixed, freer pieces in this vein.

Numerous plans for a new kind of musical instrument dihexaton symmetrical piano keyboard, or double-barreled quarters loud horns and an unusual layout and analog kalimbák elektrofon wind instruments is also an even deal with various music machines.Developed a card game called Urobo. Researchers music modular arithmetic, geometry, and their relationship színtanhoz.All of these inventions, developments and research in the reticular music is rooted in common ground.

In 2004, three months in India. My younger brother, Christopher Váczi photographers in Prague and Budapest were presented photographs of camera obscura images. The exhibition edited by typographer Paul Laszlo was published in book form as well.

May 2012

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